Systematic encouragement and promotion

At trans-of-flex, we firmly believe that each and every employee contributes to the success of our company with their personality, their skills and their will to achieve. This is why, besides furthering their professional knowledge and their experience, we also encourage all employees to develop, stimulate and engender qualities such as integrity, capacity for teamwork, motivation, responsibility and initiative.

We have developed guidelines to make it easier for all trans-o-flex employees to work together as well as with our customers and partners. This includes establishing relationships with each other that are defined by mutual respect. We communicate openly and honestly with each other. Because we encourage teamwork, we are responsible for our performance with regard to the other team members. We respect people who have different opinions than our own and who question these. We promote cooperation between different cultures and ethnic groups and regard the different origins of our employees as a strength in our internationally organised operations. Our work environment is free from discrimination, intimidation and harassment.

We support everyone in heeding these fundamental principles, adopting them and identifying with them. In this way, the trans-o-flex group acquires its own unique profile with regard to its customers, partners and competitors, and one that is defined by its human aspect and mutual respect, by the willingness to show commitment and the will to succeed.

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